Output | Solo Exhibition | May 3 - September 28 2019

Galerie Charlot | Kikar Kedumim 14 Tel Aviv-Yafo
Curator: Valerie Hasson-Benillouche

OUTPUT is a showcase of machines’ products, created by Liat Segal. These outputs are the final steps of processes, at which data and concepts are fed to machines, manipulated, and finally, materialized in the physical domain.

RANDOM WALK 2.0 | 2019 In a world so overwhelmingly complex, we tend to make simplifications and view our lives as a series of logical steps and choices. ‘Random Walk’ is a mathematical process that describes random motion over time. A large painting machine visualizes computational simulations of Random Walks. A virtual agent flips a simulated coin, affecting its following steps. The complex trajectories are drawn, subjected to chance and forces defined by the algorithm.

VESSEL STREAMING | 2018 Vessel Streaming observes the human endeavor to explore and control. A location-based installation at La Rochelle, France, used geo-location data collected from online sources. Sea vessels that had passed through the port of La Rochelle were logged and mapped via a painting machine, at a process of collection and preservation of data and history.

PLATE RECORDER | 2017 Collaboration with ceramicist Roy Maayan Plate Recorder is a digital era homage to analog, connecting sound, visual and matter. Ready-made ceramic plates are used as a medium for recording sounds. A custom-built painting machine etches sound waves, creating ‘ceramic plate records’. Sounds have been collected, tagged and categorized, along with the stories underlying them, into a physical archive of being.

THIS IS NOT A TYPEWRITER | 2016 The work questions observation capacity at times of post-truth and information overload. Digital texts are transformed by a machine to visual geometric encryptions. Mechanical calligraphic brushstrokes draw the textual information using a set of coding systems. The resulting encoded images are unreadable to the human viewer but contain all the textual information summed onto ink-on-paper drawings. The inputs to the machine are computer generated texts, created by a Fake News Generator.

ORIGINALS FACTORY | 2011 A reflection on digital, mechanic and plastic approaches to art, abstraction, and originality. Paint is pumped by a machine at precise positions and slide downwards, leaving vertical marks on a large canvas. A group of words is selected as input for each painting. Each word is represented by a different color. The number of times people used each word at search-engines is retrieved by online tools and affect the amount of paint that is dropped on the canvas at different positions.

Wrote about the exhibition:

Meirav Rahat (Heb)