Written In Stone | 2018

@ Printscreen Festival | Design Museum Holon

We are constantly faced with huge amounts of information, not knowing its reliability, sources or the motives behind it. We can no longer use the filters we fine-tuned over the years to tell truth from deception. At times when world leaders shamelessly provide us with 'alternative facts', the concepts of truth and falsehood are no longer binary. Our current default assumption regarding reported news is that they are fake, and even if the lie would be revealed, it will bring no real consequences.

The installation "Written In Stone" visualizes sounds taken from public records of political figures in Israel. The sound waves are painted by a large machine, using disappearing ink a, on a large rotating fake-stone surface. The speeches are written in ink that isn’t ink, on a stone that isn’t stone, and everything is bound to disappear shortly after its appearance.